Movida made in Turin: the Quadrilatero Romano (Turin- Italy)

2016-07-09 14.54.19.jpg
Via S. Agostino

Imagine a warm early summer evening, when you feel like having fun outside, but you are in a big and austere city in the North of Italy…don’t despair, you have 2 possibilities to make your evening: just go to San Salvario or to the Quadrilatero Romano, which are the best “movida districts” in Turin!

Personally I prefer the second one, which is the historical district, because of its cheerful and light-hearted atmosphere that makes me feel like I’m in a little beach town in Liguria. Nowadays, San Salvario is more popular, especially among teenagers, but I don’t really like its excessive noise and crowd…maybe I’m just getting old… 🙂

The Quadrilatero Romano district (literally “Roman Quadrilateral”) stretches from Piazza Statuto to Piazza Castello on both sides of Via Garibaldi, and its heart is considered to be the lovely Piazza Savoia with its obelisk. The name of this district stems from the first Roman settlement and you can still see the typical structure of a roman camp, the so-called “castrum”. Roman settlements had a common pattern made of perpendicular streets separated by two bigger streets forming a cross and called “cardo” and “decumano”. Nowadays the former decumano is called via Garibaldi.

2016-07-09 14.57.49.jpg
Piazza Savoia

Now, I’d like to share with you my favorite spots for the weekend!

In summer: for a wonderful seafood dinner go to “Osteria il Porto” in via Bellezia 9. If you’re fancying a candlelight dinner, remind to ask for the little table placed inside a real wooden fishing boat…so cute…..! Don’t forget to taste fried fish and mussels!

In winter: don’t miss the “Osteria al Tagliere” in via Corte d’Appello 6. Here you can taste a platter of cold cuts and cheese from Piedmont’s mountains and barbecued meat and vegetables with a glass of typical red wine. This restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere reminding of a winter alpine hut, which makes it the perfect place for a cold holiday evening.

If you like ethnic cuisine, then don’t miss Otium Sibiriaki in via Bellezia 8: it offers you the uncommon experience of tasting Russian and Siberian food in a typical atmosphere. The main dish is called “sibir” and you can create it yourself, that is you can choose among different kinds of meat and vegetables, which are then cooked directly on stone in Mongolian and Siberian style. This restaurant also has an Italian menu, so, whatever you choose to eat, it will be an ethnical experience!

After dinner, I suggest you the arabic and picturesque atmosphere of the Hafa Café in via S. Agostino 23. The interior is decorated in Moroccan style with colored lamps, stools, cushions and low tables. You can’t really miss the typical ginger tea with Moroccan pastries! Here you can also smoke shisha, if you like it.

Two “more conventional” addresses: for the best mojito in town (in my opinion), go to Jet Set bar in via delle Orfane 16 and for a large ice cream with extravagant flavors try Vanilla–Cream&Fruits in via Palazzo di Città 7.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy Turin nights !!!

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