Hi everybody!

My name is Chiara and I’ve always been a travel buff, because I think that every journey makes you feel truly “alive” and as you come back home, you are richer and better equipped to face your everyday life with all its difficulties and annoyances.

The last month has been an exception in my life because I’ve been away from home for about 20 days out of 30 and I’ve come back truly changed and renewed after visiting 3 beautiful countries and cities and after making such beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

So I’ve decided to share my passion for travelling on the web but in a different way: I’m Italian and I know Italy pretty well but, at the same time, I’m fond of foreign languages and cultures, so I’ve chosen to write in English to reach more people from around the world and share Italian spots with everybody who is dreaming to visit my beautiful country.

Of course, I won’t just write about Italy, but also about places I’ve seen or places I’ve studied and dreamt about.

So, if you feel like a wandering dreamer, leave with me through the pages of my blog!

Let’s keep in touch!


Flying above Bahamas

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