Time travelling before Florence Cathedral (Italy)

photo credit: Firenze via photopin (license)

I’m not a big fan of architecture and monuments in general and I’m not used to getting emotional about this kind of art, because I prefer to admire nature and landscapes instead, but I made an exception once and it was great since it was unexpected. It was 6 years ago and I had just arrived in Florence. After dinner, I went for a walk in the historic centre of the city and, coming out of one of those narrow streets, I came across an impressive building shining with white and dark green decorations: that was the famous Florence Cathedral!

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Square Jean XXIII: peace and melancholy in the heart of Paris (France)


photo credit: Park Jean XXIII via photopin (license)

Paris has always had a special place in my heart and its unique spirit moves me every time. I especially feel the real “soul” of the city in the garden located behind Notre Dame cathedral. This place gives me a peaceful and melancholic feeling, even if I could not tell you exactly why…if anybody has ever felt the same, feel free share your thoughts with me!

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